GAEB-Viewer is a free-ware to view the content of GAEB- and ÖNorm-files (GAEB90, GAEB2000, GAEBXML, ÖNorm A2063, B2063) sample.

Additional gaeb-files can check gaeb compliance.

  • A special feature of GAEB-Viewer is that you can even read incorrect gaeb-files. After checking gaeb-compliance, you get a message with number of errors, warnings and further infos.
  • For repairing incorrect gaeb-files or converting gaeb-files between diverse data formats (GAEB, ÖNorm, DataNorm, UGL, Excel ... ) please use the GAEB-Converter.
  • System requirements:

    operation system: from Windows 7 with current service pack
    processor: 1GHz or higher
    memory: 2MB, better 4MB or higher
    storage: 100MB or higher
    supported data formats: GAEB-90 (D81-D86), GAEB-2000 (P81-P86, P89, P93, P94), GAEB-XML (X81-X86)
    ÖNorm A2063 (onlv), B2063 (dta, dtn)